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(Since 1987) Glaser Construction LLC brings thirty-one years of experience providing the best synthetic stucco solutions for General Contractors, Owners, Developers, Property Managers, and Government entities in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. We have perfected our craftsmanship through construction of over a million square feet in commercial projects alone. Specializing in negotiated higher-end work where performance and competence are valued, we work with each project’s PM  and Superintendent to provide the best stucco wall for each application on time and under budget. We have unsurpassed industry knowledge and expertise, resulting in the highest quality finished product.


“What has always made my business different from anybody else is my personal passion for the field. The field is where the stuff gets constructed, and that’s where most work goes to hell,” Chris says. “We visit pretty much every job site three or four times a week, walk through the entire thing and go over everything. Our crew has worked for us for over 20 years, and they know what we want. They are the top guys in D.C. They are the best.”

"Overall Company Performance, 
The best in the world!"

-Bob Lipovsky of Nautilus Builders

"I was happy with the quality of service I received. I will be referring this company to others. Thank you so much for all your help and hard work."


-A. Martinez

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